Online Food Delivery App To Stop Selling Dog, Cat and Other Meat Because Of Food Safety

For the past few years, traditional farms have been largely substituted by big and advanced industrial factory farms where animals are treated unkindly because they aim to produce a huge amount of meats very quickly. The technology urges them more since almost everything can now be bought via internet. Learn more about wix

Speaking of technology, people have grown fond of buy and sell apps, as well as ecommerce sites mainly because of how easy and convenient they have made shopping for us. A few clicks and browsing, and all you got to do is wait for your item to be delivered straight to your doorstep. But like most things, ecommerce has its limits—online food shopping does not seem to be a hit right now.

This, and other compelling reasons, has caused an online delivery app to stop selling animal meat.

  • Food safety. This one is a primary concern, because food contamination and poisoning has become so prevalent that it happens hundreds of times every day around the world. Online food delivery does not give you the guarantee that you are paying for food that’s fresh and of high quality.
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  • Questionable slaughter practices. What’s acceptable to a culture might be heinous to another. No one can question anyone’s principles about the food they eat, because it is most often influenced by how they were raised and what culture they grew up with.
  • Meat of unknown origin. Because all you can see about the food is the product image and what the seller chooses to divulge, there is no security that you’ll get chicken meat if you pay for chicken meat.
  • Online food sales. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why they have to remove this menu from their products. They do not sell much, and might even cause profit loss since they market for items that don’t sell—no return of investment whatsoever.
  • Not everyone actually eats dog meat and cat meat. Those foods are definitely on the exotic food list, and naturally would not be as popular as the more common meat we eat like pork and chicken. There have also been controversies about where these meats came from and how they were slaughtered.
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In the same way, reports also say that the company also plans in removing food with bear paws, snake meat, and other exotic meat.

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